contains over 2000 audio clips of rare funk and soul 45 rpm singles recorded in the late 60s and early 70s with contributions from the world's top funk DJs and collectors. The music is often grittier than well known artists such as James Brown and has been ignored by the music industry for 40 years. While you're here don't forget to rate these funk records!!! more...
The Soul Seven
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Pamoja - Oooh, Baby

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Fabulous Souls - Take Me

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King, Bobby & His Silver Fox Band - Fat Bag

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Notes: dj out of miami fla, collection with an emphasis on miami cuts.. also into collecting latin, miami bass etc.. etc.. etc...

 9th Street Exit - 9th Street
 Alley Pat - Pat's Rubber Band
 Badger, Perk - Do Your Stuff
 Ballard, Hank - Blackenized
 Barons Ltd - Making It Better
 Beginning Of The End - Monkey Tamarind
 Beginning Of The End - Gee Whiz It's Xmas
 Beginning Of The End - Come Down Baby Pt2
 Brother Soul - Do It Good
 Brotherhood - Are You A Turtle (Yes I Am)
 Butterball - Butterballs
 Byrd, Bobby - Keep On Doin' What You're Doin'
 Byrd, Bobby - Keep On Doin' What You're Doin'
 Corrupters - Explosion
 Diabolics - Niggers Will Be Niggers
 DWI People Paraphernalia - Push And Pull (The Tom Jones)
 Fabulous Counts - Dirty Red
 Fabulous Counts - Scrambled Eggs
 Ferrer, Frank - Hallelujah Pt1
 Franklin, Bobby's Insanity - Bring It On Down To Me Pt2
 Gilmore, Joey - Do It To Me One More Time
 Gordon, Benny - Give A Damn
 Internationals - Give A Damn
 Johnson, Roy Lee - The Dryer Pt2
 Kool and the gang - Who's Gonna Take The Weight pt1
 Little Beaver - Do It To Me One More Time Pt2
 Little Beaver - Everybody Has Some Dues To Pay
 McGriff, Jimmy - Fat Cakes
 McKay, Murray - Blacks Tryin To Make It
 Miami - Party Freaks Pt1
 Mona Lisa - They Don't Know
 Moore, Rudy Ray - The Turning Point
 Munnings, Fred - Goombay Jump
 Munnings, Raphael - Opportunity Knocks
 NuSound Express - One More Time You All
 Reid, Clarence - I'm Gonna Do Something Good To You
 Reid, Clarence - Mr Hot Stuff
 Reid, Clarence - Masterpiece
 Robinson, JP - Hot Love
 Scales, Harvey - What's Good For You
 Scott Brothers Orch - A Hunk O' Funk
 Seven Seas - Pats Jam
 Treetop And The Soul Branches - Inside Out
 Uncle Sam - The Big Apple
 West Coast Connection - Get The Funk Up
 Williams, Frank - Git It
 Williams, Ricky - Discotheque Soul Pt1
Percolator - I Got A Thing For You Baby Pt1
Vibrettes - Humpty Dump
Pleasure Web - Music Man Pt2
Third Guitar - Baby Don't Cry
Young Disciples & Co. - Crumbs Off The Table
Smith, Helene - You Got To Be A Man
Funky Nassau - Bahama Soul Stew
Little Ricky & The Deltones - Ghetto Child
Little Ricky & The Deltones - Funky Sound
Badger, Perk - Do Your Stuff
Devenport, Chet - War In The Ghetto
Keaton, Ronnie - Going Down For The Last Time
Moore, Robert - Everything's Gonna Be Alright
Talbot, Johnny - Check Your Battery
Brother Soul - Life Is Like A Maze
Brother Soul - Do It Good
9th Street Exit - 9th Street
NuSound Express - One More Time You All
Byrd, Bobby - Keep On Doin' What You're Doin'
Moore, Rudy Ray - The Turning Point
Gordon, Benny - Give A Damn
Gi Gi - Daddy Love Pt1
Count Rockin' Sidney - Bury The Hatchet
Gaunichaux, E. & The Skeptics - Afro Bush
Baker, King Earnest - Somebody Somewhere (Vocal)
Julian, Don - Shorty The Pimp
Juggy Murray - Built For Speed
Jerry O - Karate BooGaLoo
JBs - Watermelon Man
Isley Brothers - Get Into Something
Rollins, Bird - Party & Don't Worry About It
Raw Soul Express - The Way We Live
Sain Oliver - St. Louis Breakdown
All The People - Cramp Your Style
Seay, Frankie - All I Want Is Loving You
Seven Seas - Pats Jam
Captain Freak & The Lunacycle Band - Whatever Happened To Superman
Afrique - House Of The Rising Funk
Unknown - Criss Cross
Butts, Hindal - In The Pocket
Giles, Eddie G - Soul Feeling 2
Internationals - Give A Damn
T.S.U. Toronadoes - The Goose
Little Beaver - Do It To Me One More Time Pt2
Duralcha - Ghetto Funk
Savinon, Victor - Soul Makossa
Austin, Lee - Screwdriver
Tenth Dymensions - The Bushman
Butterball - Butterballs
Ferrer, Frank - Hallelujah Pt1
DWI People Paraphernalia - Push And Pull (The Tom Jones)
Apollos Show Band - Peace Is Still With Us
Band Ocean Liners - Foxy Funk
Gales, Johnny - You Gotta Push
Lee, Nickie - Late Shadows
Jay Mitchell - Goombay Bump (Remix)

Big Ella - Too Hot To Hold

Soul Destroyers, The - Blow Your Top Pt1

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