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The Soul Seven
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Pamoja - Oooh, Baby

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Fabulous Souls - Take Me

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King, Bobby & His Silver Fox Band - Fat Bag

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Ernie And The Top Notes Inc - Dap Walk 

Label: Fordom
Ref: FR105
Rating: 7.69
Votes: 29
Sep 1 2007 6:49PM by Ericka Schiche
Actually the producer of this record is Albion Ford, not Ernie Vincent. The band played recently at the Circle Bar in New Orleans, among other places, and is now known as Ernie Vincent and The Top Notes. Also, writing credit is not attributed solely to anyone but is shared by Bowie, Williams and Graines with arrangement by Bowie, Williams and Ford.

Current personnel:

Ernie Vincent, guitar
Don Williams, bass
Lawyer Givens, saxophone
Jasmin, drums
Tommy Singleton, vocals

Sep 1 2005 3:20AM by Eric B.
Can be found on "Keb Darge's Legendary Deep Funk 1" and "The Funky 16 Corners" compilations.

Nov 24 2004 2:36PM by Colin Thorne
Someone paid $405 (219.91GBP) for a ex+ copy on ebay 4/11/04.

Oct 2 2000 2:20PM by Shawn Sentilles
"Dap Walk" was written and produced by Ernie Vincent Williams, who performs under the stage name Ernie Vincent. Dap Walk was the first song ever recorded by Mr. Williams' band, Ernie And The Top Notes. "Dap Walk" was recorded at Cosimo Studio in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1972. The song was released as a 45. The flip side of the 45 was "Things Are Better," a funk tune that was also written and produced by Mr. Williams.

Ernie and the Top Notes later changed its name to Ernie Vincent and the Top Notes. Mr. Williams lives in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he regularly performs with Ernie and The Top Notes.

Leaders, The - It's A Rat Race 

 Rating: 7.68
Votes: 28
Dec 30 2001 2:02PM by cudasoul
label: superstar
ref.: SSP45-100
year: 1971

Cash, Alvin And The Registers - Stone Thing Pt1 

 Rating: 7.68
Votes: 28
Sep 2 2005 2:08AM by Eric B.
Can be found on the "Back to Funk" Compilation.

Dec 30 2001 5:05AM by cudasoul
label: westbound
ref.: W159
year: 1970

Blacknell, Eugene - Gettin' Down 

Label: Seaside R
Ref: SeasideR4110/11
Year: 1972
Rating: 7.66
Votes: 29
Mar 24 2005 1:27PM by katzimella
Also available on Soulstream Records (Soul Patrol) with The 13th Amendment-The Stretch on flipside

Mar 12 2003 8:55AM by jtoro74
It actually wasn't out of Richmond, California. Eugene only put that down. It really was still out of Oakland where it originated. This cat named Leroy had the label for years and had been putting out artists on it. True he had a space between Sea and Side and had put out mostly RandB and Blues acts like Tommy Harris and The Blazers. Eugene took the name and used it as his own but Leroy owned it still.

Mar 9 2002 11:26PM by DJ Clove
This 45 is backed with the track
"Cousin John".

Oct 4 2000 3:19AM by dj-hip

Jul 25 2000 8:04PM by Dean
The label is out of Richmond,California.This track is on the LuvnHaight funk compilation Trippin:Groove Merchant compilation.Only available on cd now.Go

Carleen & The Groovers - Right On 

Label: Music World
Ref: MW198
Stream mp3:
Stream asf:
Rating: 7.62
Votes: 29
Oct 3 2005 4:40PM by paul the vinyl fiend
one of my favorite breaks0

Sep 1 2005 3:43AM by Eric B.
Can be found on the Jazzman Records compilation "whatiswrongwithgroovin' ".

Wilson, Spanky - You 

Label: Mothers
Ref: 1310
Rating: 7.62
Votes: 29
Jul 24 2002 5:40PM by Daniel Williams
You can find this song on the LP "Doin' It". It is on the Mother Records And The Snarf Company label MRS71.

Winstons, The - Amen, Brother 

Label: Metromedia MMS
Ref: 117
Rating: 7.62
Votes: 29
Mar 6 2004 5:13AM by Jugganaut
bw/ Color him Father

May 10 2003 11:39PM by dj slopoke
for an extra treat, play the drum break at 33 1/3 ...

Jul 24 2002 5:48PM by Daniel Williams
You can find this song on the LP "Color Him Father". It is on the Metromedia label MD1010 from 69'.

Aug 30 2000 5:12PM by Brian Poust
year: 1968. Recorded in Atlanta, GA with Buddy Buie later of the Atlanta Rhythm Section. Members also played in backing bands of Otis Redding and The Impressions.

Leaders, The - (It's A) Rat Race 

Contributor: earthecho
Rating: 7.62
Votes: 29

Anderson, Vicki - The Message From The Soul Sisters Pt1&2 

Label: King
Ref: 6334
Year: 1970
Rating: 7.59
Votes: 29
Aug 18 2007 2:45AM by Ericka Schiche
This record was sampled by Big Daddy Kane on "Calling Mr. Welfare", Black Moon on "Son Get Wreck", and GangStarr on "No More Mr. Nice Guy", among others.

Jul 30 2005 9:28PM by Martin Hagenbuch
This song was released by Vicki Anderson under the name of Myra Barnes

Barbarin, Marilyn & The Soul Finders - Reborn 

Label: Bo Sound
Ref: Bo Sound105/6
Rating: 7.59
Votes: 29
Feb 17 2008 4:28PM by breakbeatpete37
Sampled by Boca 45 for "La Bombanera"

Aug 27 2007 6:36PM by Ericka Schiche
Marilyn Barbarin still sings in her hometown of New Orleans today. Although "Reborn" is rare, perhaps the rarest of her records is a Northern soul record "Make it Alone" with "Stop Before You Start" on the Virgil label, which was arranged by Wardell Quezerque. Barbarin also recorded for the famed NOLA label and is perhaps the most successful member of the famous Barbarin family.

Feb 13 2003 4:26AM by Leon West
Written by Edwin J Bocage. 2:20 in length, produced (of course) by Eddie Bo. The flipside is "Believe Me".

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Big Ella - Too Hot To Hold

Soul Destroyers, The - Blow Your Top Pt1

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