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The Soul Seven
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Pamoja - Oooh, Baby

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Fabulous Souls - Take Me

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King, Bobby & His Silver Fox Band - Fat Bag

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Vibrettes - Humpty Dump 

Label: Lujon
Ref: 101
Rating: 7.72
Votes: 29
Dec 14 2005 6:45PM by Mikey
One went on eBay for GBP 43.00...
Produced by Roscoe Porter

Jul 26 2005 9:08PM by LeSpam

Feb 5 2003 1:34PM by Larry Grogan
This is a Johnny Otis related record from California. Despite the rumors (and the fact that Funky Delicacies put it on an Eddie Bo comp) Eddie Bo had nothing to do with it.

Whitney, Marva - Things Got To Get Better 

Label: King
Ref: 456249
Year: 1969
Rating: 7.72
Votes: 29
Jul 24 2002 5:51PM by Daniel Williams
You can find this song on the LP "It's My Thing". It is on the King label KSD1062 from 69'.

Bo, Eddie - Hook And Sling 

Label: Scram
Ref: SCR117
Year: 1969
Rating: 7.72
Votes: 29

Bo, Eddie - The Hook & Sling Pt2 

 Rating: 7.72
Votes: 29

Bascomb, Wilbur - Groove In 'G' 

Label: Carnival
Ref: CAR549
Rating: 7.72
Votes: 29
Oct 24 2007 3:05AM by Ericka Schiche
Based on the reference details, Carnival 549, the correct flip side is "Clap and Stomp". The Complete artist information as listed on the record is Wilbur Bascomb and the Blues Zodiact (this is how it's spelled on the record, but it's probably a misprint). Bascomb wrote and produced the record. If you're looking at the B side to Carnival 555, "Take Me Back" is listed as a record by a group called The Three Reasons. Bascomb, a bassist, has two nicknames, "Bad" and "Dud", and in the past he has collaborated with James Brown, Galt MacDermott, Reuben Wilson, Idris Muhammad and Bernard Purdie. Another title he is known for is "Black Grass". Bascomb, one of the top session players of the 1970s, also released an album in 1977 on the H and L label called "Wilbur Bascomb and Future Dreams".

Sep 4 2003 11:14PM by DigginFunk
Wilbur Bascomb and The Zodiact
A-side:Just A Groove In G
BPM: 108
B-side: Take Me Back performed by
The Three Reasons
Ref: CAR-555

Released on this New Jersey label in the late 60s and later used in the 45 phenomenon: Brainfreeze.

Whitney, Marva - I Made A Mistake Because It's Only You Pt1 

Label: King
Ref: 456268
Year: 1969
Rating: 7.71
Votes: 28
Jul 25 2002 1:25PM by Daniel Williams
You can find this song on the LP "Live and Lowdown At The Apollo". It is on the King label KSD1079 from 70'.

Jul 24 2002 6:31AM by Leon West
Produced by none other than James Brown. Clocks in at 2:58. This is also the backing track for the alternative DJ version of "From The Love Side" by Hank Ballard.

Warm Excursion - Hang Up Pt1&2 

Label: Pzazz
Ref: 039
Rating: 7.71
Votes: 28
Sep 21 2007 1:56AM by Ericka Schiche
Year: 1969

Nov 7 2005 9:18AM by BAZ
time: 2:42

Dec 12 2001 11:18PM by Josh B
Written by Bill McCloud and John Richardson. Performed by Warm Excursion, the "Terrible Three". Arranged by the Group, produced by Bill McCloud. Mfg. by Gayten Records Inc., out of Hollywood, CA. Helt Music Co. BMI.

Masai - Across The Tracks 

Label: Contempo
Ref: CS2007
Year: 1974
Rating: 7.69
Votes: 29
Jun 2 2007 2:01AM by Ericka Schiche
Written by D. Matthews

Apr 11 2006 1:59PM by Matt S
Appears as - Mr Hot Pants aka Across The Tracks (pts 1 and 2) by The Believers on James Brown's Funky People Part 3 comp.

Aug 28 2003 11:50PM by DigginFunk
The Believers on BrownStone 45

Aug 21 2002 11:31AM by J R Mullett
This is the same record as 'Across The Tracks' by The Believers, on Brownstone, and is a James Brown production. Its not clear if Contempo (a UK label) had proper authority to release it, which might explain the name change. Strange one for them to release over here because it wasn't a hit, and Brownstone originals are now rare and very expensive.

Whitney, Marva - Unwind Yourself 

Label: King
Ref: 6146
Year: 1967
Rating: 7.69
Votes: 29
Jul 29 2002 9:47PM by Tim Henderson
Hank Ballard does a version of this song (without the famous intro). It appears on the "You Can't Keep A Good Man Down" lp. Written by Charles Spurling.

Jul 24 2002 5:54PM by Daniel Williams
You can find this song on the LP "It's My Thing". It is on the King label KSD1062 from 69'.

Jan 17 2002 4:19PM by slopoke
Mark the 45 King made this break infamous. Another James Brown Production that funks at an unreal pace.

Butron, Willard & The Funky Four - Funky In Here 

Label: Capitol
Ref: P3175
Rating: 7.69
Votes: 29
Nov 7 2005 4:23AM by BAZ
Willard Burton (not BUTRON) 8)

Aug 7 2004 2:22PM by Jugganaut
bw/ Every Beat Of My Heart

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Big Ella - Too Hot To Hold

Soul Destroyers, The - Blow Your Top Pt1

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