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The Soul Seven
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Pamoja - Oooh, Baby

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Fabulous Souls - Take Me

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King, Bobby & His Silver Fox Band - Fat Bag

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Anderson, Jesse - Mighty Mighty 

Contributor: simon gibbard
Rating: 7.14
Votes: 29
Feb 23 2004 5:00PM by DigginFunk
Thomas TH-805
b/w I Got A Problem

Soul Senders - Soul Brothers Testify Pt2 

Label: Anla AL
Ref: 1022
Rating: 7.14
Votes: 29
Jul 28 2002 6:28AM by Leon West
And errr, clocks in at 2:10.

Apr 9 2002 10:08PM by DJ Clove
This is Chester Randle's Soul Senders, and the track was written by Chester Randle and Sidney Simien (Rockin' Sidney). Released in 1968, I believe.

Feilce, Dee Trio - There Was A Time 

 Rating: 7.14
Votes: 29
Jan 25 2008 3:38AM by breakbeatpete37
Sampled by Ultramagnetic MCs for "Give the Drummer Some"

Jul 9 2007 4:46AM by Ericka Schiche
Producer Howie Tee sampled the bassline from this version of "There Was a Time" when he made Chubb Rock's "Treat 'Em Right".


Dee Felice [drums]
Lee Tucker [bass]
Frank Vincent [piano]

Nov 3 2003 7:10AM by Kamel TALBI
You can find this version (with different arrangement) only on the "Gettin' down to it" JB LP... ... This is a different version of the Dee Felice Trio "In heat" LP !

Jul 23 2002 5:39AM by Daniel Williams
You can find this song on James Brown's LP "Gettin' Down To It". It is on the King label KSD1051 from 69'. Dee Felice Trio are guests on this record and play throughout the album.

Dec 30 2001 6:36AM by cudasoul
year: 1969

Aug 14 2000 11:00AM by Luc Heymans
Label: Betlehem 3094

All The People - Cramp Your Style 

Label: Blue Candle
Ref: 1496
Year: 1972
Rating: 7.14
Votes: 29
Mar 14 2008 9:27AM by BAZ
reissued in ultimate breaks and beats 45 boxset

also covered by breakestra

Jan 14 2003 2:38PM by holo4000
sampled on krs-1 still number 1

Apr 9 2001 1:55AM by LeSpam
flipside of my copy is "Whatcha Gonna Do About It" but i've heard that there is an alternate b-side to this one... Produced in Miami by Willie Clarke and Steve Alaimo.. vocal by Robert Moore.. "Cramp Your Style" was written by Willie "Little Beaver" Hale

Prophet Soul - Kick The Habit 

Label: Saxton
Ref: 370
Rating: 7.14
Votes: 29
Sep 1 2005 3:22AM by Eric B.
On "Keb Darge's Legendary Deep Funk 1" compilation.

Black On White Affair, The - Bold Soul Sister, Bold Soul Brother 

Label: Topaz
Ref: T1319
Contributor: Rainer Windisch
Rating: 7.11
Votes: 28
Sep 7 2005 2:38AM by Eric B.
Can be found on the Compilation "Wheedle's Groove: Seattle's finest in Funk and Soul 1965-75".

Byrd, Bobby - I Need Help 

Label: King
Ref: 6323
Contributor: cudasoul
Rating: 7.11
Votes: 28
Nov 25 2005 10:35PM by Q-Mutat
Only the 45 has this dry , good for dancing,sound.The tracks on the Lp are the same takes but James added some live ambience, lots of reverb and compression.
Experiments are a good thing but actually
these effects sound kind of strange at high volume.I prefer the 45 mixes.There
is a best of Vinyl Lp from simply vinyl.Most of the 45 Byrd-Brown produktions are there ,sometimes longer than the original.

Aug 16 2002 4:49AM by Daniel Williams
You can find this song on the LP "I Need Help". It is on the King label KSD1118 from 70'.

Fabulous Souls - Baby I've Got It 

Label: Audio Arts
Rating: 7.11
Votes: 28

Politicians - Free Your Mind 

Label: Radio Active Gold
Ref: 123
Contributor: cudasoul
Rating: 7.1
Votes: 29
Aug 20 2004 10:48AM by matt mcarthur
This has also appeared on a comp by Freddy Fresh - "AbstractFunkTheory" on Obsessive records.

Dec 30 2003 10:47AM by DJ Shojie
This song is included in Ultimate Breaks and Beats Compilation (as you know). The UBB version is NOT the same varsion as 7 inch version.

Dec 10 2003 7:26AM by L.C.H
Released on HDH's Hot Wax in '72
UK release HWX114 (6/72)
US release HS7114 (2/72)
Both backed with "Love machine"

Jul 24 2002 3:58AM by Daniel Williams
You can find this song on the LP "Featuring McKinley Jackson". It is on the Hot Wax label HA711 from 72'.

Soul Seven - Mr Chicken Shit 

 Rating: 7.1
Votes: 29
Dec 8 2005 12:03PM by Jugganaut
b/w The cissy's thang

Sep 1 2005 4:37AM by Eric B.
An "alternate take" of this can be found on the "Cold Heat: Heavy Funk Rarities 1968-1974" compilation from Now-Again Records.

Dec 30 2001 6:00PM by cudasoul
year: 1969

Jul 21 2000 1:18PM by James Trouble
On the Soultex Label, Engineered by Studio Seven, Inc and is from the home of good funk, Dallas Texas. 1931 Cedar Crest Blvd. Produced by Boykin, Sneed and McKinney.

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Big Ella - Too Hot To Hold

Soul Destroyers, The - Blow Your Top Pt1

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