contains over 2000 audio clips of rare funk and soul 45 rpm singles recorded in the late 60s and early 70s with contributions from the world's top funk DJs and collectors. The music is often grittier than well known artists such as James Brown and has been ignored by the music industry for 40 years. While you're here don't forget to rate these funk records!!! more...
The Soul Seven
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Pamoja - Oooh, Baby

Top Audio Contributors
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Ian Wright (94)
Jazzman Gerald (67)
Jimi Dynamite (61)
Rainer Windisch (56)
LeSpam (47)
Keb Darge (40)
Phillip Lehman (37)
Florian Keller (36)
Malcolm Catto (33)

Fabulous Souls - Take Me

Top Info Contributors
Daniel Williams (303)
cudasoul (263)
Jugganaut (182)
Josh B (147)
Ericka Schiche (131)
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King, Bobby & His Silver Fox Band - Fat Bag

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 Hall, Nat - Why (I Want To Know)
 Hamilton Movement - Love Circuit (Look Out) [Contributor: BlackMagic]
 Hamilton, Alphonso - I'll Let You Free [Contributor: Phillip Lehman]
 Hamilton, Dave - Cracklin Bread (TCB 828) [Contributor: Tobias Kirmayer]
 Hamilton, Dave - Pisces Place
 Hamilton, Vera - But I Aint No More (Epic 5-10875 1972)
 Hamilton, Walter - Loosen Up Your Thing
 Hanns, James - It's A Fine Thing
 Hard Rock Jackson - Soul Walkin' [Contributor: Ian Wright]
 Hargrove, Wes - Get It Get It
 Harmonica George - Get In The Kitchen And Burn (Toddlin' Town 106) [Contributor: SergiG]
 Harpo, Slim - Te-ni-nee-ni-nu (Excello 2294) [Contributor: Soundbar]
 Harris & Orr - Spread Love
 Harris, Betty - Show It (Sansu 479)
 Harris, Betty - There's A Break In The Road (SSS International SSS766A)
 Harris, Jackie - Don't Worry 'Bout De Back Door (Inter/Soul) [Contributor: Malcolm Catto]
 Harris, Lee - I'm Gonna Get Your Thing (Get You)
 Harris, Milt - Linda's Mood (Hit Blackjack) [Contributor: Malcolm Catto]
 Harris, Oscar And The Twinkle Stars - Relax Before Having Sex
 Harris, Tyrone - Ain't That Fun (Barclay & III 6405)
 Harris, Wilson - Smokin' So Hard It's Right Funky (Black Soul) [Contributor: J. Silverman]
 Harrison, Spider - Beautiful Day
 Hart, Frankie 'Zeke' - Red Devil (Wilstone DW107) [Contributor: Malcolm Catto]
 Hart, Frankie 'Zeke' - The Devil's High (Speciality)
 Hartley, Keef - Imitations From Home
 Harvey - Any Way You Wanta [Contributor: Soundbar]
 Harvey & The Phenomenals - Soul And Sunshine (Da Wood DW7200)
 Haven, Alan - Coming Home Baby [Contributor: Jimi Dynamite]
 Hayes, Isaac - Breakthrough
 Hayes, Isacc - Theme From 'Shaft' (STAX 2025069A 1971)
 Hector, Karl & The Funk Pilots - Free I Wanna Be (Medicine Man 1) [Contributor: Rainer Windisch]
 Hector, Karl & The Funk Pilots - Funky Sex-Machine (Medicine Man 1) [Contributor: Rainer Windisch]
 Helig, Greg - With Your Love [Contributor: earthecho]
 Henchi, Freddy - Popcorn Baby
 Henderson, Tobias Wood - Color Blind Man [Contributor: Ian Wright]
 Henderson, Willie - Dance Master (Inst) (Playboy 1974) [Contributor: Poopstix]
 Henderson, Willie - Loose Booty
 Hendrix, Margie - I Call You Lover But You Ain't Nothin' But A Tramp (Mercury)
 Henry, Joseph - I Feel Right (Desco 1009B)
 Henry, Joseph - Who's The King (Desco DS1009 1998)
 Herculoids - Get Back (Herculoids HR 1001/2) [Contributor: Ian Wright]
 Hicks, Jimmy - I'm Mr. Bug Stuff (London HLU10396 1972)
 Hidden Cost, The - Bo Did It (Marmaduke M 4001A 1973)
 Hidden Cost, The - Vibrations (Marmaduke M 4001B 1973)
 HiFi White - Bull Dog (Sandman) [Contributor: Scott Craig]
 Higgins, Monk & The Satellites - Mister Luckee (Satellite 2010) [Contributor: Luc Heymans]
 High Voltage - Here Comes The Streaker
 Highlighters - Poppin' Pop Corn (RaJam 0001) [Contributor: Jazzman Gerald]
 Highlighters Band, The - Funky 16 Corners (Mark IV M 1001B) [Contributor: Keb Darge]
 Highlighters, The - Lu Lu [Contributor: BlackMagic]
 Hill, Robbie Family Affair - I Just Want To Be (Like Myself)
 Hill, Robbie's Family Affair - All In The Family
 Hills, Z.Z. - I'm Gonna Love You [Contributor: Jimi Dynamite]
 Hines, Bob Trio - Dahsheka
 Hines, Debbie - Get Off Your Butt (Keck 1002) [Contributor: ubeyde]
 Hines, J. & The Fellows - Victory Strut [Contributor: Tim Henderson]
 Hitson, Herman - Ain't No Other Way (Sweet Rose)
 Hitson, Herman - Got That Will [Contributor: Ian Wright]
 Hockaday, Joe & Soul Bandits - Bump It (Vocal) (Georgetown 101) [Contributor: Tobias Kirmayer]
 Hoctor - Gold Coast (Hoctor)
 Hodge, Marva & the Moody Sec - 00 43 GM [Contributor: alviz]
 Hodges, James, Smith & Crawford - Nobody
 Holcolm, Manuel B - I Stay Away Too Long
 Holcum, Manuel B - Kick Out-Ins (Diamond Jim)
 Holder, Mark & The Positives - Whatever's Fair (Cotillion 44147 1972)
 Holiday, Johnny - Nobody Loves Me But My Mama (Bold) [Contributor: Scott Craig]
 Holiday, Johnny - Tormented (AirTown)
 Holley, Bobby - Movin' Dancer (Weiss 3005 1970)
 Holly, Joseph - Chocolate Glass [Contributor: Ian Wright]
 Holmes, Carl 'Sherlock' - Investigation (CRS 001) [Contributor: Jason]
 Holmes, Carlos - Black Bag
 Holmes, Eldridge - Pop Popcorn Children (Atco 6701 1969)
 Holmes, Marvin - Ooh Ooh The Dragon Pt1 [Contributor: MARIO ALDINI]
 Holmes, Marvin - Ooh Ooh The Dragon Pt2 [Contributor: MARIO ALDINI]
 Holmes, Marvin & The Uptights - Thang (Uni 55233)
 Holmes, Marvin And The Uptights - The Funky Mule Pt1 (Boola Boola X2655)
 Holmes, Richard - The Medison Time [Contributor: Jimi Dynamite]
 Homes, Mary - Soul Brother (Nassau NA100)
 Honey Drippers - Impeach The President (Alaga AL1017 1973)
 Honey Drippers - Streakin' (Alaga)
 Honey Drippers, The - Roy C's Theme Theme (Alaga AL1017 1973)
 Hooper, Mary Jane - Harper Valley PTA
 Hooper, Mary Jane - I've Got Reasons (Power Pac 2053)
 Hooper, Mary Jane & Richie Matta - Stolen Moments
 Hot & Cold Generation - Hot & Cold
 Hot Chocolate - Bump and Dilly Down (RAK 174 1974) [Contributor: axis]
 Hot Ice Company - I Got The Love You Need (Lionel 3212) [Contributor: Scott Craig]
 Hot Sauce - I'll Kill A Brick (About My Man) (Volt 4013 1971)
 Hot Tamales - Out Of Sight (Diamond) [Contributor: Jazzman Gerald]
 House Guess - What So Never The Dance Pt2 (House Guess) [Contributor: Florian Keller]
 House Guest - What So Never The Dance Pt2 [Contributor: Florian Keller]
 House Guest Rated X - What So Never The Dance Pt2 (House Guests) [Contributor: Florian Keller]
 House Guests - My Mind Set Me Free Pt1 (House Guests 28821)
 Housten, Larry - I need love [Contributor: Tobias Kirmayer]
 Houston Outlaws - Sweet Thing (Westbound 211) [Contributor: Rainer Windisch]
 Houston Outlaws, The - Soul Power (Westbound)
 Houston Person - Soul Dance
 Houston, Dwight & The Ghetto's - Trippin' (Equator) [Contributor: BlackMagic]
 Houston, Larry - I Need Love (Ambassador 1032A)
 Howard, Barbara - I Don't Want Your Love
 Howard, Frankie & The Continentals - Do What You Wanna Do Pt1 [Contributor: David Richardson]
 Howard, Lenny - Keep The Faith, Baby
 Hubbard, Dave - Respect Yourself (Mainstream 5515) [Contributor: Luc Heymans]
 Hubbard, Freddie - Hang 'Em Up [Contributor: Jimi Dynamite]
 Hudson County - Bim Sala Bim
 Hugh And The Madman - I'm The Fat Boy (Shurfine 0012) [Contributor: bones]
 Hughes, Jimmy - I'm A Man Of Action [Contributor: dj worzel]
 Hughes, Rhetta - Light My Fire (Tetragammaton 1513) [Contributor: ubeyde]
 Human Race - Grey Boy (Gem 101)
 Human Race - Human Race (Gem 101A) [Contributor: Malcolm Catto]
 Humphrey, Paul & His Cool Chemists - Detroit [Contributor: simon gibbard]
 Hunga, Bud & His Combo - Travelling On Rhythms (Blue Jeans 16) [Contributor: Rainer Windisch]
 Hunt, Pat - Super Cool (You're Just A Super Fool) (Early Bird 9664)
 Hunter, Franks And The Huntsmen - Watermelon Man
 Hunter, The & His Games - Now You Get Higher
 Hunt's Determination Band - I Need Love Pt1 (Ear Wax 005) [Contributor: Rainer Windisch]
 Hutcherson, Bobby - Rainy Every Thursday
 Hyman, Dick Orchestra - Give It Up Or Turn It Loose

Big Ella - Too Hot To Hold

Soul Destroyers, The - Blow Your Top Pt1

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