contains over 2000 audio clips of rare funk and soul 45 rpm singles recorded in the late 60s and early 70s with contributions from the world's top funk DJs and collectors. The music is often grittier than well known artists such as James Brown and has been ignored by the music industry for 40 years. While you're here don't forget to rate these funk records!!! more...
The Soul Seven
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Pamoja - Oooh, Baby

Top Audio Contributors
Tobias Kirmayer (107)
Ian Wright (94)
Jazzman Gerald (67)
Jimi Dynamite (61)
Rainer Windisch (56)
LeSpam (47)
Keb Darge (40)
Phillip Lehman (37)
Florian Keller (36)
Malcolm Catto (33)

Fabulous Souls - Take Me

Top Info Contributors
Daniel Williams (303)
cudasoul (263)
Jugganaut (182)
Josh B (147)
Ericka Schiche (131)
Brian Poust (128)
BAZ (120)
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King, Bobby & His Silver Fox Band - Fat Bag

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 Caldwell, TJ - Git The Feeling (Soul Beat 105) [Contributor: Tobias Kirmayer]
 Calloway, Nelson With Big Jay Bush & The House Rockers - Funky Horns (Camaro PAG3531 1974)
 Calloway, Ricky - Tell Me (Jayville 5988)
 Calloway, Ricky & His NT Express - Get It Right Pt 1 (Camaro PAG3531 1974)
 Calypso King & Soul Investigators, The - C'Mon Boot It! (Jive) [Contributor: Sami Kantelinen]
 Calypso King & The Soul Investigators - Calypso Strut (Jive)
 Calypso King & The Soul Investigators - Compin' & Smokin' (Soul Fire 2000) [Contributor: Sami Kantelinen]
 Calypso King & The Soul Investigators - Damper Down Popcorn (Soul Fire 2000) [Contributor: Sami Kantelinen]
 Calypso King & The Soul Investigators - Investigators Testifying (Jive 1999) [Contributor: Sami Kantelinen]
 Cameron, J - Different Strokes
 Cameron, Johnny & The Camerons - Funky John (Lock Central LC8504 1970)
 Campbell, Don (Soul Train) - Campbell Lock (Stanson 509)
 Campbell, Don (Soul Train) - Campbell Lock (Inst) (Stanson 509)
 Campbell, George - Double Bump Pt1 [Contributor: Ian Wright]
 Campbell, George K Five - Wear It Out
 Campbell, Milton & The R.D.M Band - Sweet Thing (Zoom Z100)
 Candy Coated People - Time To Love
 Cane & Able - Toe Hold
 Capps, Al Band - Sissy Strutt (Columbia 45219 1970)
 Caprells - Everyday People (CRS) [Contributor: Larry Grogan]
 Caprells, The - Close Your Eyes (Bano 100B) [Contributor: john stapleton]
 Caprells, The - Dotty's Party [Contributor: ubeyde]
 Captain Freak & The Lunacycle Band - Whatever Happened To Superman
 Carbo, Chuck & The Soul Finders - Can I Be Your Main Squeeze (Fire Ball Fire Ball7005/6)
 Carbo, Chuck & The Soul Finders - Take Care Of Your Homework, Friend (Fire Ball Fire Ball7005/6)
 Carbo, Hank - Bad Luck (HCP HCP0973/0974)
 Carbo, Hank - Hot Pants (Ala A1172 1971)
 Carbo, Hank - Hot Pants Pt2 (Ala A1172 1971)
 Carleen & The Groovers - Can We Rap (CJB MV221)
 Carleen & The Groovers - Hot Pants (CJB MV221)
   Carleen & The Groovers - Right On (Music World MW198)
 Carleen & The Groovers - The Thing
 Carnegie, Ross - Cool Dad (Jazzman JM004A)
 Carnegie, Ross - Win, Lose Or Draw [Contributor: Ian Wright]
 Carter, Clarence - Looking For A Fox (Atlantic 2461)
 Carter, Wayne - Mad Mouth Woman (Mootrey´s 1258) [Contributor: Tobias Kirmayer]
 Carter, Wayne - Wahoo, Wahoo, Wahoo (Mootrey's 1258B) [Contributor: Jazzman Gerald]
 Carter, Wayne & The Organ Twisters - Peter In Or Out [Contributor: Jason]
 Cash, Alvin - Ali Shuffle (Dakar 4559 1976)
 Cash, Alvin - Alvin's Bag (Toddlin' Town 104)
 Cash, Alvin - Alvin's Boogaloo (President PT119 1966)
 Cash, Alvin - Diff'rent Strokes For Diff'rent Folks (President PT147 1967)
 Cash, Alvin - Funky '69 [Contributor: simon gibbard]
 Cash, Alvin - Keep on Dancing (Toddilim Town)
 Cash, Alvin - Keep On Dancing (Inst.) (Toddlin Town 4018)
 Cash, Alvin - Let's Do Some Good Timing (President PT119 1966)
 Cash, Alvin - Saddle Up (Chess 2098) [Contributor: Luc Heymans]
 Cash, Alvin - The Getaway (Chess 2098) [Contributor: cudasoul]
 Cash, Alvin - Tip Toeing (XL)
 Cash, Alvin - Twine Time (XL)
 Cash, Alvin - Whip It On Me (Toddlin' Town 104)
 Cash, Alvin & The Registers - Stone Thing Pt2 (Westbound W159 1970)
 Cash, Alvin And The Registers - Stone Thing Pt1
 Castor, Jimmy - Ham Hocks Espanol (Smash S 2069) [Contributor: Tim Henderson]
 Castor, Jimmy - Magic Saxophone (Smash S 2085) [Contributor: Tim Henderson]
 Castor, Jimmy Bunch - It's Just Begun (Kinetic ZS 7 6001) [Contributor: Tim Henderson]
 Castor, Jimmy Bunch - Troglodyte (RCA 7416186) [Contributor: cudasoul]
 Caution - Love Ray (Fretone) [Contributor: paul romans]
 Cazzie, Jazzie And The Eight Sounds - Soul City (Knap Town) [Contributor: BlackMagic]
 Cha Cha Hogan - Grit Gitter (Soulville) [Contributor: Larry Grogan]
 Chachere, Louis - The Hen Pt1 (Paula 321)
 Chairmen Of The Board - Finder's Keepers (Invictus INV530 1973)
 Chairmen Of The Board - Finder's Keepers (inst) (Invictus INV530 1973)
 Chakchas - Stories (Avco AV4596 1972)
 Challengers Of Africa - Go Head [Contributor: Phillip Lehman]
 Chaman, Stan's U.F.O. - Gotta Nice Buzz (Semp 003B) [Contributor: Rainer Windisch]
 Chandler, Gene - In My Body's House (Checker 1220) [Contributor: axis]
 Chaney, Ken - Keep On Gettin' Up (Ben L BL Ben LBL 1001) [Contributor: Peter Wermelinger]
 Changes - Amen (Marti M403B) [Contributor: david harris]
 Changes - Doing The Crackerjack (Marti M403A) [Contributor: david harris]
 Chapter II - Dance, Dance, Dance (Morrhthym 0011) [Contributor: Tobias Kirmayer]
 Chapter II - Do What You Want To Do
 Chaquito Big Band, The - They Call Me Mister Tibbs [Contributor: Jimi Dynamite]
 Chargers, Soul feat. James Fountain - Soul Charge Pt1 (Stop ST264)
 Chargers, Soul feat. James Fountain - Soul Charge Pt2 (Stop ST264)
 Charles, Ray Orch - Booty Butt (TRC) [Contributor: Larry Grogan]
 Charms, The - Soul Woman [Contributor: Rainer Windisch]
 Chaves, Erlon - Tema De Soninha (GCL 001) [Contributor: Jazzman Gerald]
 Chef, The - Mr. Machine (Pro Gress 1307 1973)
 Chefs, The - Mr. Machine Pt2
 Chestnut, Tyrone - Bumping (Intrepid 75003)
 Chet Poison Ivey - Shake
 Cheyenne - Come Back To Me (76/99 WAH7002)
 Chicago Cubs Clark St. Band - Slide (Chess 2075 1969) [Contributor: Soundbar]
 Chicles, El - Funky Chicken
 Chico And Buddy - Party Time (TCB 828)
 ChiLites - (For God's Sake) Give More Power To The People (MU 1138 1971)
 Chocolate Chips - As You Think So You Shall Act (Balance 1001B) [Contributor: Jazzman Gerald]
 Chosen Few - Funky Buttercup
 Chosen Few, The - Baby Don't Do It (BFD)
 Chosen Few, The - Feel Alright (BFD)
 Chosen Few, The - We Are The Chosen Few [Contributor: Ian Wright]
 Chris & Shack - A Man Never Knows (STAX)
 Chubukos - House Of Rising Funk (Mainstream MRL5546 1973)
 Cinnamon Suns - Funkapy (Ida 005) [Contributor: Rainer Windisch]
 Cinnamon Suns - Party Time (Ida 007) [Contributor: Rainer Windisch]
 Clark, Alice - Dont You Care (Mainstream)
 Clark, Harvey And The Dawn Monet Singers - Do Your Own Thing (Kapp K980)
 Clark, Harvey And The Dawn Monet Singers - Holy Poly (Chess 2087)
 Clark, Isaac - Do The Dog Funk (Miro) [Contributor: Florian Keller]
 Clark, Lewis - Dog (Ain't A Man's Best Friend) (Brent 7071) [Contributor: Tobias Kirmayer]
 Clarke, Billy - Both Eyes Open
 Clarke, Seleno - Memphis Boogaloo (MOC M.O.C. 675) [Contributor: Tim Henderson]
 Clarke, Seleno - Soulful Drop (MOC 675) [Contributor: Tim Henderson]
 Classitors, The - Gettin' T'Gether Man (Black & Blue 801) [Contributor: cudasoul]
 Classmates - Tighten Up [Contributor: Ian Wright]
 Cleveland Wrecking Co. - Superfine From Behind Lady (GlenGlennSound GG 1001) [Contributor: Ed Griffiths]
 Cochran, Wayne - Chopper 70 (King 456326)
 Coday, Bill - I Got A Thing (Galaxy 781)
 Coffey, Dennis - Love Theme From Black Belt Jones (WB Sussex 7769) [Contributor: Tobias Kirmayer]
 Coffey, Dennis - Theme From Black Belt Jones (Warner Bros WB7769 1974) [Contributor: Jimi Dynamite]
 Coffey, Dennis & The Lyman Woodard Trio - It's Your Thing (Maverick MA 1007) [Contributor: Soundbar]
 Colbert, Chuck - Oof (Do Anything I Want)
 Cold Fire - Kash Register (Kram 1002)
 Cold Grits - It's Your Thing (Atco 6707 1969)
 Cole, Bennie & His Soul Bros. - I Don't Want To Cry
 Coleman, Joe - Get It Off The Ground
 Collegiates - Red Beans And Rice [Contributor: Funk jrs Pa]
 Collins, Albert - Cookin' Cat Fish [Contributor: Jimi Dynamite]
 Collins, La Shawn - Girl Chooses The Boy
 Collins, Lyn - Don't Make Me Over (People PE633 1974)
 Collins, Lyn - Mama Feelgood (People PE618 1973)
 Collins, Lyn - Me And My Baby Got A Good Thing Going (People PE615 1972)
 Collins, Lyn - Put It On The Line (People PE6605 1975)
 Collins, Lyn - Rock Me Again & Again & Again & Again & Again & Again (6 Times) (People PE641 1974)
 Collins, Lyn - Take Me, Just As I Am (People PE626 1973)
 Collins, Lyn - Think (About It) (People PE608 1972)
 Collins, Lyn - We Want To Parrty, Parrty, Parrty Pt1&2 (People PE630 1973)
 Collins, Lyn - What My Baby Needs Is A Little More Lovin' (Polydor PD14157 1972)
 Collins, Lyn - Wheel Of Life (People 2503 1971)
 Collins, Lyn - You Can't Love Me, If You Don't Respect Me (People PE630 1973)
 Collins, Rodger - Foxy Girls in Oakland (Galaxy 771) [Contributor: axis]
 Collins, Roger - Direct Me [Contributor: Ian Wright]
 Colt, Steve - Dynamite (Big Beat BB105)
 Columbus, Christopher & The Swingin Gaites - Tighten Up 70 [Contributor: Ian Wright]
 Combs, Jerry Band - Everybody's Got A Thing Going On
 Combs, Jerry Band - I've Been There
 Commodores - Thumpin' Music [Contributor: Troy]
 Commodores, The - Keep On Dancing (Atlantic 2633) [Contributor: LeftHand]
 Commodores, The - Machine Gun (EMI Electrola 00695 509) [Contributor: cudasoul]
 Commodores, The - Rise Up (Atlantic A16693)
 Communicators And Black Experience Band - Is It Funky Enough [Contributor: david harris]
 Communicators And Black Experience Band - The Road (Tri oak Trioak)
 Concepts, The - Gotta Be A Change [Contributor: Phillip Lehman]
 ConFunkShun - Clique
 Conner, Buddy - Half Way Loving (Early Bird 49656) [Contributor: Peter Wermelinger]
 Continental Showstoppers - Goo Bah
 Contributors Of Soul - (Do The) Yum Yum Man
 Contributors Of Soul - Yum Yum Man (Emase 1053A)
 Cook E. Jarr And His Krums - Ain't No Use [Contributor: Eric Huffman]
 Cook, Bobby & The Explosions - On The Way
 Cook, Bobby Quartette - Riding High
 Cook, Jerry - Funky Wagon
 Cornish, Chuck - Ali; Funky Thing (Wand WND11272 1974)
 Corrupters - Explosion (Rampage 1005) [Contributor: LeSpam]
 Cortez, Dave And The Moon People - Happy Soul
 Cortez, Dave 'Baby' - (Do It) The Funky Dance (Sound Pak SPM1001)
 Cosby, Bill With The Bunions Bradford Band - Hikky Burr Pt1 (Uni 55184) [Contributor: Tim Henderson]
 Count Rockin' Sidney - Bury The Hatchet
 Countdowns - Funky Teesha [Contributor: Ian Wright]
 Counts - Thinking Single (Westbound W191)
 Courtial - Losing You
 Courtney, Lou - Beware (Rags R100B 1973)
 Courtney, Lou - Hey Joyce (Popside)
 Courtney, Lou - Hot Butter 'n All Pt1 (Hurdy Gurdy R101AA)
 Crane, Bill 'Butter Ball' - Steppin' Tall Pt2 (Key K01B)
 Crawford, James - Got No Excuse [Contributor: earthecho]
 Crawford, Thadeus - Sophisticated Groove
 Creations Unlimited - Corruption Is The Thing (Soul Kitchen 7211) [Contributor: Tobias Kirmayer]
 Creative Funk - Funk Power
 Creative Funk - Moving World (Creative Funk CF12001A)
 Crescent City Lights - Body Execution
 Crisi - Get On Down [Contributor: Ian Wright]
 Crosby, Beverly - That Didn't Stop Me
 Cross Bronx Expressway - Cross Bronx Expressway (Zell's Z148)
 Cross Bronx Expressway - Help Your Brothers (Zell's 148) [Contributor: Rainer Windisch]
 Crow, The - Uncle Funk (Right On RO101 1975)
 Crowns - Call Me (Pama PM759 1969) [Contributor: Soundbar]
 Crowns, The - Tell Mama (Funky 1501) [Contributor: Rainer Windisch]
 Crystal Grass - Crystal World (Philips 6009 633 1975) [Contributor: Ed Griffiths]
 Crystal World - Crystal Grass [Contributor: James Trouble]
 Cult, The - The Cult Theme (Starburst T 3001) [Contributor: Tobias Kirmayer]
 Curtis, Bill - Dance Girl
 Curvan, Clarence - Feeling Nice [Contributor: Phillip Lehman]
 Czars, The - Tell Her With Your Eyes (KeyLoc KL 1023) [Contributor: Jimi Dynamite]

Big Ella - Too Hot To Hold

Soul Destroyers, The - Blow Your Top Pt1

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