contains over 2000 audio clips of rare funk and soul 45 rpm singles recorded in the late 60s and early 70s with contributions from the world's top funk DJs and collectors. The music is often grittier than well known artists such as James Brown and has been ignored by the music industry for 40 years. While you're here don't forget to rate these funk records!!! more...
The Soul Seven
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Pamoja - Oooh, Baby

Top Audio Contributors
Tobias Kirmayer (107)
Ian Wright (94)
Jazzman Gerald (67)
Jimi Dynamite (61)
Rainer Windisch (56)
LeSpam (47)
Keb Darge (40)
Phillip Lehman (37)
Florian Keller (36)
Malcolm Catto (33)

Fabulous Souls - Take Me

Top Info Contributors
Daniel Williams (303)
cudasoul (263)
Jugganaut (182)
Josh B (147)
Ericka Schiche (131)
Brian Poust (128)
BAZ (120)
Larry Grogan (119)
Eric B. (100)
DigginFunk (89)

King, Bobby & His Silver Fox Band - Fat Bag

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 A.A.B.B. (Above Average Black Band) - Pick Up The Pieces One By One (Identify 8003 1975) [Contributor: MARIO ALDINI]
 Aaron, Bradley & Lord - Warpaint (Atlantic 2833) [Contributor: Luc Heymans]
 Abel, Lionel - Get Down (Guydisc 03) [Contributor: Rainer Windisch]
 Abraham - Hook & Boogie Pt1 (Hy Sign 3511)
 Abraham & The Casanovas - Hook & Boogit Pt2 (Hy Sign 3511 1972)
 Abraham & The Casanovas - The Kangaroo Pt2 (Peermont 1057)
 Abraham & The Metronomes - Party (Hot Soul) [Contributor: Jazzman Gerald]
 Acklin, Barbara - Am I The Same Girl (Brunswick)
 Acres Of Grass - Football [Contributor: Florian Keller]
 Adams, Arthur - My Baby's Love (Chisa 8008) [Contributor: Thomas Zloch]
 Adams, Betty - Make It Real (Ride On) (Notes Of Gold 0001) [Contributor: Jimi Dynamite]
 Adams, Johnny - Baby I Love You
 Adams, Johnny - I Don't Worry Myself
 Adams, Joni & The Fenderman 70 - Las Vegas (Zodiac 339) [Contributor: Tobias Kirmayer]
 Adams, Marie - Get On Up & Do It Baby (Vantage) [Contributor: Jazzman Gerald]
 Africa - Widow (Ode 116) [Contributor: Tobias Kirmayer]
 African Echoes - Big Time (Phil LAof Soul Phil L.A.of Soul323 1969)
 African Echoes - Mgimbe, Zulu Lunchbag (Phil LAof Soul Phil L.A.of Soul323 1969)
 African Music Machine - A Girl In France (Soul Power SP111 1972)
 African Music Machine - Black Water Gold (Pearl) (Soul Power SP109 1972)
 African Music Machine - Making Nassau Fruit Juice (Contempo Raries ContempoRaries CS9002B 1974)
 African Music Machine - Mr Brown (Soul Power SP117 1973)
 African Music Machine - The Dapp (Soul Power)
 African Music Machine - Tropical (Soul Power SP111 1972)
 African Soul1 - Black Lightning [Contributor: Phillip Lehman]
 Afrique - House Of The Rising Funk
 Aiken, Tony & Future 2000 - Better Days (Shyrlden S200B 1976) [Contributor: Jimi Dynamite]
 Aim, The - Tunnel Rat [Contributor: David Richardson]
 Alex & Soul Messangers - Hail To Guyana (Inst) (Alex R 1001) [Contributor: Tobias Kirmayer]
 Alexander, G. Keith - Sneakers (Polydor 14179) [Contributor: Thomas Zloch]
 Alford, Ann - Gotta Get Me A Job (Hy Sign 2111)
 Alfros Band - Right On Right Of (Lyndell LR882)
 All Dyrections - On Top Of It
 All Points Bulletin - Funky Bottom Bottom Funk (Little City 1977) [Contributor: Nate Wheeler]
 All Points Bulletin - Police Chasing Theme (Little City LCR 1978) [Contributor: Ed Griffiths]
 All Points Bulletin - Walk That Walk Talk That Talk (Little Records LCR 1978) [Contributor: Ed Griffiths]
 All The People - Cramp Your Style (Blue Candle 1496 1972)
 Allen, Bobby And The Exceptions - Soul Chicken (Soul Sound 1001)
 Allen, JT - Freeway Crowd [Contributor: Ian Wright]
 Alley Pat - Pat's Rubber Band (AP) [Contributor: LeSpam]
 Allison, Calvin - Just Keep On [Contributor: Florian Keller]
 Altruda, Joey Quartet - Shuvlin'
 Altruda, Joey Quartet - The Fish
 Ambassadors Of Soul - Cool Sticks (Ovide 236)
 Americans Of '68 - Baby, Baby, Baby
 Americans Of '68 - Come On Mama
 Americans Of '68 - Hunching Sticks
 Americans Of '71 - The Cancer Stick Pt1 (Libra 002) [Contributor: john stapleton]
 Ammons, Gene - Jug Eyes (Prestige) [Contributor: Malcolm Catto]
 Amnesty - Everybody Who Wants To Be Free Pt2 (Lamp) [Contributor: BlackMagic]
 Anderson, Curtis - The Hardest Part
 Anderson, Gene - Funky Beethoven (Westbound W165 1970)
 Anderson, Gene - The Devil Made Me Do It (Westbound W 165 1970)
 Anderson, Gene - The Gigolo (Royal Tone 1005)
 Anderson, Gene - The Loneliest One (Royal Tone 1005)
 Anderson, Jesse - Mighty Mighty [Contributor: simon gibbard]
 Anderson, Sister Gail - You're Barking Up The Wrong Tree (Roxbury RB2023 1976)
 Anderson, Vicki - Answer to Mother Popcorn (I Got a Mother for You) (King 6251 1969)
 Anderson, Vicki - Baby Don't You Know (King 6138 1967)
 Anderson, Vicki - Don't Throw Your Love In The Garbage Can (Brownstone 4207 1972)
 Anderson, Vicki - I Want to Be in the Land of Milk and Honey (Brownstone 4204 1971)
 Anderson, Vicki - I'm Too Tough For Mr. Big Stuff (Hot Pants) (Brownstone 4202 1971)
 Anderson, Vicki - Super Good (Answer To Super Bad) Pt1&2 (King 6344 1970)
 Anderson, Vicki - The Message From The Soul Sisters Pt1&2 (King 6334 1970)
 Anderson, Vicki - You're Welcome, Stop On By (Identify 8004 1975)
 Anderson, Vicki & James Brown - Think (King 6091)
 Andrews, H. Congregation - Chitlin Circuit (Balance 1003B) [Contributor: Rainer Windisch]
 Antibalas - Uprising Pt1 (Afrosound AS1009A)
 Antibalas - Uprising Pt2 (Afrosound AS1009B)
 Antolini, Charlie - Nofretete's Headache
 Antolini, Charly - Uela Uela (Columbia 364) [Contributor: Tobias Kirmayer]
 Apollis - What It Is (Soul Set SS102 1976)
 Apollis - What It Is Pt2 (Soul Set SS102B 1976)
 Apollos Show Band - Peace Is Still With Us
 Apostles - Pick It Up [Contributor: Luc Heymans]
 Apostles, The - Six pack [Contributor: Richard Karstrom]
 Apostles, The - Soulful (BBS 0577)
 Apple & The 3 Oranges - Down Home Publicity (Stanson S5021)
 Apple & The 3 Oranges - Free And Easy (Stage Music SM101)
 Aristocrats, The - Don't Go (Rondo) [Contributor: Ian Wright]
 Armstrong, Tal - You've Got So Much Feeling (In Your Love) Pt1 (Love LO 1001)
 Assagi - Baranzibar
 Astor & The Potentials - My Baby Knows (How To Do Her Thing) [Contributor: Ian Wright]
 Astor And The Potentials - Give Me What I Want (Aristo AR 105A 1975)
 Atlantics, The - Beaver Shot
 Attitudes - If We Want To (Dark Horse AMS 1976) [Contributor: Ed Griffiths]
 Austin, Donald - Crazy Legs (Eastbound E603 1972)
 Austin, Donald - Rainy Day Fun
 Austin, Donald - Side Saddle Pt1 [Contributor: Aaron D. Anderson]
 Austin, Lee - Put Something On Your Mind (International Bros 801) [Contributor: Tobias Kirmayer]
 Austin, Lee - Screwdriver (Intern Brothers Intern.Brothers-801)
 Austin, Lee - Tutti Frutti (Polydor)
 Avalon, Tony & The Belairs - Sexy Coffee Pot (Atlantic)
 Averhart, Booker T - Honey (Vault 932) [Contributor: Tobias Kirmayer]
 Averheart, Booker T - Heart 'n' Soul (Soultex) [Contributor: KeroOne]
 Averheart, Booker T - Maxi Midi (Soultex) [Contributor: KeroOne]

Big Ella - Too Hot To Hold

Soul Destroyers, The - Blow Your Top Pt1

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